I am posting and reblogging the things I like or that represent my needs or personality or anything else.
Current obsessions, things I like:
Dragons, animals, Lots of video games like TF2, portal, Fallout and others,
sushi, sweets and candy,
Aliens, Robots,
Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Renard,
orange color, sometimes the black/ crimson/ red/ blue/ purple/ violet/ yellow colors too,
music, fantasy, sci-fi, ghosts'n stuff like that, glowing/ shiny/ sparkling objects, STAR WARS, Superjail, Transformers movies, Beast Wars,Transformers Prime, Wakfu,
Dubstep,techno music, some remixes, 8bit,electro swing,50s music, lots of other music too~
different art styles and many, many more...